This is Li Yan Xi (心妍小公主) again. It is quite hard for her to disappoint you, to be honest, she always one of the best sexy queens in mainland China. She doesn’t have to wear fancy cloth. All she needs to do is to wear as less as she can. But I know she won’t be nude totally unless you could pay a lot. That’s why she wears a swimming suit.

However, no matter she wears a swimming suit or traditional Hanfu (Traditional Chinese costume), she could express her sexy body very well. She has a curvy body with a pair of nice boobs. Her ass and waist are slim and firm that would make you very easy to wake up your dick.

I like her lying down posture when we could see how her boobs falling down and swinging a little bit. Her ass could be it up so that it makes want to bang her from the back, fuck her very hard, and give her a nice creampie…

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